Honda EU2200i Generator Review

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Purchasing a generator is a long-term investment. It’s a big expense and the machine will be in your house for a good part of the decade. Since you’re putting in the money anyway, we say, why not put some time into your research as well?

In this article, we give you a detailed study of the Honda EU2200i, a generator that’s gained popularity for its durability, efficiency, and super-quiet operation. With all these great features combined with its low price, the EU2200i is all the more impressive.

Intrigued? Let’s find out more about this great deal.

Detailed Review of the Honda EU2200i Generator

What are Honda generators known for?

You might have heard about Honda generators’ superior quality engines and performance. The EU2200i is no exception with its inverter generator technology. They run steady, are quiet, and are fuel-efficient. What’s not to like about Honda generators?

Launched in 2018, the EU2200i soon became a customer favorite. It was the go-to for residential backup during outages and storms. But how does the Honda EU2200i stack up to new generators in its range? Let’s see if it can still compete with today’s usage needs.

Honda EU2000i Generator Engine

This generator runs on a Honda GXR120 engine. It is lightweight with a compact engine that fits in neatly and keeps the weight of the generator low. The lubrication system with its dual breather chamber ensures engine lubrication is smooth. It also keeps any impurities away from the fuel.

The engine includes Honda’s automatic mechanical decompression system which improves the startup performance of the generator. A noise-reducing addition to the generator is the newly designed muffler. We find Honda’s high-durability engine to be a great buy at its price even today.

Moving on to the power capacity, the Honda EU2200i is an average power residential generator. The running power of this generator peaks at 1,800 watts whereas the starting power peaks at 2,200 watts. With this kind of capacity, you can use any of your home appliances and devices. You won’t be using all your devices as usual during a storm or outage anyway so this generator should be sufficient for your home’s backup.

Additionally, the manufacturer has included a forced-air cooling system to improve ventilation. This keeps your generator from overheating when used for longer durations.

Honda EU2000i Fuel

The EU2200i has a 0.95-gallon fuel tank. On an average load, you can run this generator anywhere from 4 to 9 hours. To cover the low gallon capacity, Honda has included many efficiency-boosting features such as the fuel shut-off valve. The valve shuts off the fuel supply to the generator engine when it detects that its fuel level is running low. This prevents stale fuel from damaging your engine.

The best feature from Honda is its inverter generator technology. An inverter generator detects the load capacity you’re operating at and responds by increasing or decreasing the rpm to use less fuel. An inverter generator helps save fuel, keeps the energy clean, and makes less noise.

Honda’s sine wave is clean and constant because the power filters from AC to DC then back to AC.

What is the benefits of the sine wave inverter?

Sine wave inverters use state-of-the-art technology and help extend your power backup. To put it in simple terms, a sine wave inverter will give you the same power you would get from a wall outlet. It’s the reason why sine wave inverters are safer for powering sensitive devices. They are also cost-effective since they use less fuel on average.

This generator gives you a clean and safe source of energy. You can power all your sensitive electronic devices such as phones, tablets, computers, DSLRS, and more with the EU2200i.

This generator from Honda also has a big oil filler opening, longer spout, a large oil drain gutter, and a screw-top gas tank to make refueling easier and quicker.

Honda EU2000i Noise Level

To give you a clear understanding of the noise level on this generator, let’s take a simple example. The noise level on this generator is about 48 to 57 decibels. Now, consider the noise level of a normal conversation, which is around 60 decibels. This generator’s noise level is as loud (or quiet) as a whisper so you can run this device in the daytime or nighttime and even take a nap while operating it.

Weight and Portability

With regards to weight, the Honda EU2200i is a clear winner. It is 46.5 pounds with a 0.95 gallon fuel tank. The total weight with the fuel comes up to 47 pounds only. This, together with its built-in, comfortable, and sturdy handle, makes it very easy to lift into a camper trailer and carry wherever you like. This is no surprise since portable generators are common from Honda.

Honda EU2000i Usability

You’ll find all the controls properly labeled on one side and color-coded in gray.

The EU2200i also sports an automatic mechanical decompression system in the engine that connects with the camshaft and reduces compression. With this mechanism in place, the exhaust valve opens a little during engine start-up. By opening the exhaust valve, the engine starts up without too much force. After operating for some time, the decompression system disengages on its own to prevent loss during operation.

Unfortunately, the Honda EU2200i doesn’t have an electric start-up option, a feature that many generators today come with.

Parallel Connectivity

However, the EU2200i is parallel compatible. If you’re looking for more power, don’t buy a bigger generator. Instead, buy two of the same great models from Honda. The EU2200i generator won’t disappoint.

Instead of gambling with another model which may or may not be as good as the Honda EU2200i, you could just have two of the same lightweight, fuel-efficient, and durable generators.

However, you’ll need a special cable to connect the second generator so make sure to read the instruction manual before buying one.

Another option is to connect the EU2200i with a Honda EU2000i generator or EU2000i companion. This will work for the models with the following serial numbers:

  • From EAAJ-2017305 until EAAJ-9999999
  • From EACT-1000001 until EACT-9999999

Honda EU2000i Safety Features

The one safety feature that needs to be talked about is Honda’s CO-MINDER. It is a system that detects harmful carbon monoxide levels then shuts off the generator. Earlier, users had to buy one separately, however, the EU2200i comes with this safety feature already installed.

Additionally, the EU2200i’s standard electric breakers also take care of any overloading issues.

Another reason the Honda EU2200i is a safe generator is due to its USDA-qualified spark arrestor. A spark arrestor traps hot exhaust particles that are expelled from the internal combustion engine. To put it in simple terms, a spark arrestor reduces the risk of fires. Looking at the increase in wildfires recently, it’s a highly useful addition from Honda.

Lastly, the manufacturer’s oil alert is another safety feature. Once it detects low oil levels, the generator will automatically turn off.

LCD Meters

There’s no display screen to help you track performance on this generator. The only indicators on the control panel are for oil, output, and overload tracking. However, we didn’t miss it too badly since this is a backup generator that’s largely for residential use.


The Honda EU2200i has one 120V AC output and one 12V DC output. The 120V AC output powers home appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The 12V DC output is for charging batteries, hard drives, LCD screens, and DVD players. One drawback is the DC output needs power cables that the manufacturer doesn’t provide.


Honda EU2200i’s 3-year residential and commercial warranty assures you of the generator’s quality and durability.

Pros and Cons of Honda EU2000i Generator


  • Eco-throttle gives inc*reased fuel efficiency
  • Operates very quietly
  • Compact and light enough to carry and store anywhere
  • Great safety features such as carbon monoxide detection, electric breakers, and USDA-qualified spark arrestor
  • Fuel shut-off valve prevents engine damage
  • Beginner-friendly, easy to operate


  • No fuel gauge to monitor fuel levels
  • Runs out of fuel quickly when used at full capacity

FAQs On Honda EU2000i Generator

How Long Can I Expect My Generators To Last?

The lifespan of your generator depends on the load capacity, fuel type, and maintenance. You’ll also notice a big difference in lifespan when comparing different fuel types. A gasoline generator will last 15 to 20 years whereas a diesel-powered generator can last 20 to 25 years.

On average, generators used for residential power backups will run for about 100 hours a year. In comparison, most generators have a lifespan of about 2,000 to 3,000 hours. From these estimates, we can conclude the Honda EU2200i should last for a decade or two.

What Appliances Can I Power With a Honda EU2200i?

You can run any device with a starting wattage of up to 2,200 watts. Starting watts are also known as peak watts. Most devices have a peak wattage lower than running wattage so the actual wattage used will be lower than 2,200 watts.

The devices you can use with a Honda EU2200i are:

  • Refrigerators
  • Electric ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Blenders
  • Coffee pots
  • Televisions

One thing to remember is to never use your EU2200i to power devices with a total running or starting wattage of over 2,200 watts.

With less than 50% load capacity, you can even run the Honda EU2200i overnight. However, one thing you shouldn’t run with this generator is a 13,000 BTU air conditioner. For that kind of operation, you need a generator with at least 3,000 peak watts.

How Can I Power My Rv Air Conditioner With the Honda Eu2200i Generator?

RV air conditioners will need at least 2,800 to 3,000 watts to start. Thus, it’s not possible to run your RV air conditioner with the Honda EU2200i. The only way to do so is to use a pair of Honda EU2200i generators. Together, two generators with a peak of 2,200 watts will give you 4,400 peak watts and 3,600 running watts.

Make sure to calculate the individual wattage needs of your air conditioner first.

Can You Convert This Generator To Run on Propane?

Yes, but it has its drawbacks. Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel. While the Honda EU2200i can be converted to run on it, doing so would void your warranty.

If you still want to try it, get an adapter for propane fuel. Other than the warranty, we see no other issues against running your generator with propane since it gives the same performance on both fuels.

Can I Use This Generator in a Storm for More Than 5 to 6 Hours?

Yes, you can run the Honda EU2200i during a storm for more than 5 to 6 hours. There are a few precautions to take and ways to make operation last longer. You can use the eco-throttle mode to keep the power use efficient. You can also shut down appliances like refrigerators for a couple of hours to save more power. This won’t harm your produce since the refrigerator can stay cool for many hours as long as you refrain from opening the door.

Another way to make your generator last longer is to fill it up. Refuel your generator between breaks to full capacity. This makes it complete a full cycle during which you won’t need to shut it off for refueling.

The Bottom Line: EU2200i Is Still a Great Buy

The Honda EU2200i has been in the market for a while. It has many competitors at present, but we still think it’s a great buy. Even after 3 years, there’s no denying the quality of this model.

It has the features of a top-notch generator such as fuel efficiency add-ons, safety features, and parallel capability. You also get a 3-year residential and commercial warranty from the manufacturer. You get all these for a great price too! If you’re in the market for a residential power backup, then this Honda generator won’t disappoint.

If only all generators could give you such great value for your money!

Well, that’s our review of the Honda EU2200i. Let us know what generator you’re thinking of buying or end up buying in the comments section.