How To Make Your Generator Quiet As A Cricket? 11 Proven Strategies of 2022

How To Make Your Generator Quiet As A Cricket? 11 Proven Strategies of 2022

As we know, “Every problem has a solution” With the increasing demand for electric power in our daily lives, generators have become more and more popular over the years.

Whether we go camping, out in the RV, or for using at home, we need generators to charge our laptops, smartphones, and air conditioning, right?

“But” the problem is the noise generators produce when running. The good news is there are ways to reduce the loud piercing sound you get from certain generators.

So if are you fed up with the unbearable noise of your generator and you are in search of a solution to lower its sound then this article is for you.

The reason generators are so loud is because when running the combination of the engine, cooling fan, and exhaust all add up, giving rise to an overall irritating sound.

However, you can help reduce the dBA from your generator by following these 11 tips below.

How To Make Your Generator Quiet As A Cricket?

So how to make your generator quiet as a cricket? Well, we are going walk through 11 of the best and proven ways that can lower the noise from a generator making it more bearable, especially when staying at a camp site.

So lets get started…

1: Choose the right place for the generator

The first option is to choose the appropriate place. Whether you are using a generator for domestic use or commercial use, you must choose the appropriate place for the generator. We suggest you place the generator outside the home or shop or on the roof at least 20 feet.

Big plazas should build a separate room or choose some entirely isolated location for this annoying thing. This will not only dampen your line of hearing but also provide you with mental comfort.

However, if you work In offices, then it can become very irritating, and if the noise continues to be a nuisance, you will find it hard to focus on the work, becoming frustrated soon after.

So give yourself some time to find the best and independent place that will let you work with full efficiency. Don’t forget to put the exhaust pipe away from your shop, living room, bedroom, or campsite. It would help if you also kept the switches, cords, and set-up in a safe place where there are no chances of catching fire.

One of the best solutions is to place your generator in a safe place where you get minimum noise and the best thing about this is it won’t cost you a penny. All you need to do is increase the distance of the source from the receiver or put behind some barriers like stone walls.


2: Sound-proof Box

If you have already bought a noisy generator and are now confused about how to quieten it, this solution is for you. Now you can go to the market and buy an enclosure quiet box for your generator that can help reduce that annoying sound.

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It will help you out in decreasing the overall noise level. The best thing about this solution is that it will reduce all kinds of noises coming out of the generator, whether they come from the engine or exhaust or cooling fan.

So this method can dampen the noise level of the whole generator and bring you in a comfort zone. You will get the provision of electric power via your generator and easily do your work or get your sleep.

You can not only buy a soundproof quiet box “but” you can also make one in your home. You will need a specific apparatus for that. Bear in mind that this is the most effective way to reduce noise, and it can quieten your generator 5x times.

If you want to construct it at home, you will need the material like medium-density fiberboard, green glue, foam rubber mats, ventilation duct, and mass loaded vinyl.

Ventilation duct is needed to make airways that help in bringing the smoke out. This hole won’t severely affect the quieting process. Fibreboard and foam mats can be joined via green glue.

3: Use a rubber foot and soundproof mat

Here is another simple and easy solution to quiet a generator. By adding some rubber to cover your generator’s feet this will quiet the vibrations and provide a soft touch and secure handling.

Of course, we can’t deny the fact that it considerably reduces the immense noise level. You can also place a soundproof foot mat under the generator, which will help protect and keep the noise levels low.

These two things have other benefits also. When the generator is working and operating, a lot of vibrations occur. A rubber on feet of generator maintains the level of these vibrations and doesn’t allow the generator to move to and forth so fatly and restlessly.

Similarly, a soundproof mat will soften the inner side of the generator and won’t allow energetic vibrations. Energy is also wasted in the form of kinetic energy when too many fluctuations occur. Moreover, noise energy is also the form of wasted energy.

The rubber and soundproof mat are crucial for the efficient working of the generator. So we would suggest buying a rug and rubber for your generator and act like a smart person.

It is a pro solution for those who have already bought a noisy and expensive generator and also need it badly but are not aware of any methods to reduce noise.

4: Try a sound deflector or soundproofing system

We have come up with many unique solutions. Have you ever heard the name of a sound deflector? Are you familiar with noise barriers? What is the concept of soundproofing? I think all of us are well familiar with these concepts.

But very few of us have tried them practically. Soundproof systems usually reflect or absorb the energy and block it from reaching out or coming in. So we can apply this technique from two perspectives. If your generator is located in an isolated place, like in a separate cabin, you can use the sound deflector that doesn’t allow it to leave out.

Sound deflectors only deflect the sound and don’t soundproof it. And if your generator is placed in an open place like a roof or yard, you can use the soundproofing system that won’t allow the noise to enter your living room, bedroom, or camp. It is one of the advanced techniques.

Keep one thing in mind, it won’t reduce any noise coming from the generator, and it has no practical or physical connection with the generator. This method will only deal with absorption and blockage of sound waves and doesn’t allow them to move randomly everywhere, instead it controls the noise and prevents us from annoying sound and doesn’t let it reach near us.

Moreover, it is the best temporary solution. If you can afford it, you can try this solution. Sound deflectors are readily available in the market.

5: Buy a new muffler

Generators also have soundproofing devices that are present inside generators to reduce the sound. These are called mufflers. If you have an old generator or your new generator is extra noisy, you can go to a generator mechanic, he will guide you about the quality of the muffler.

Mufflers reduce the vibrations and allow exhaust air to leave the generator. So that generator can work efficiently. Valves and pistons of the engines produce very piercing sound waves every time they release the hot and used up air via the exhaust system. Hence, mufflers are present to reduce the extraordinary huge noises.

If your generator is too old or heavily burdened, you may experience malfunctioning the muffler. And it is hazardous for your ears. So it is the best idea to buy a new muffler and fit it into the generator.

It will not only protect you from annoying sound but also save the life of your generator. It is observed that the generators with suitable quality mufflers work efficiently for the long term. Otherwise, bad or malfunctioning mufflers can play havoc with your generator.

6: Use generator silencers

Generator silencers work similarly as mufflers, but there is a slight difference. They mainly reduce the noise that produces during the combustion process. So if you use a unique silencer or more than one silencer, you can noticeably feel the handsome decrease in the generator’s noise.

This technique is more specifically related to a reduction in the sound produced by combustion.

So we would suggest you fit the generator silencers as soon as possible. They are readily available in the market, and you can buy them anytime.

7: Use eco-mode generators

If you are thinking of buying a new generator but afraid of its noise, this tip is for you. Different companies are introducing eco-mode generators that are much quieter. It’s up to you to find the latest technology generators with extra built-in features, including new mufflers, fitted-in silencers, automatic shelters, etc.

WEN 56200i, with only 51 dBA noise levels, is the quietest generator with built-in big mufflers. Of course, technologists and scientists are not ignorant of the fact that generators have become an essential part of our lives, and particular working is required to find a solution.

So these eco-mode generators also called new inverter generators that are introduced in the market. One cost-saving thing is that they have sound deflectors fitted inside, so we recommend that you not worry about the price.

Don’t compromise your mental peace for the sake of money. So buy a good inverter generator for your home or office and enjoy a comfortable environment.

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8: Position the exhaust pipe vertically

The noise’s direction is the same as that of the exhaust pipe because the extreme sound is due to the overflowing hot air coming outside. So obviously exhaust pipe direction is directly proportional to the noise path. Location and placement of exhaust pipe bear significant importance.

If you place the exhaust pipe horizontally, you will surely receive an unbearable buzzing noise that will annoy and irritate you. Always position the exhaust pipe in the vertical direction, so that the sound will go up and you will get the maximum relief. If you want to take this benefit, never forget to make the vertical adjustment of the pipe, so that the sound will go in the upward direction. Otherwise, it will be a depressing situation for you. Use your common sense.

9: Put the exhaust pipe in the water

Water has a remarkable ability to absorb noise. Fill a bucket of water and put the exhaust pipe in it. Water will consume and condense a noise and fumes produced during the working of the generator. It is also an inexpensive idea, and you can easily use water as an efficient way of reducing useless noise.

10: Use portable generators

We have discussed various ways to reduce the generator’s noise because the more significant the generator, the more power it will generate, and the higher will be its noise. There are new generators in the market that are portable and used to run only small appliances such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

Their noises are also very negligible. They are easy to use and a full-time need for offices. They also take minimal effort to start and are almost ready to use. Gas-powered generators are mainly used for domestic purposes. They are too noisy and always need a lot of repair and muffler malfunctioning. So these new and innovative ideas will make generators as quiet as a cricket. Cricket is not entirely smooth, but its voice doesn’t irritate us even if we hear at night.

Quiet A Generator By Yourself

If you have the basic technical knowledge, you can easily find if your generator needs silencers or muffler replacement. It’s not hard to find the fault in the generator. While buying a new generator, check if the company provides 30-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty.

GenSilencer is the brand that sells out all kinds of generators’ silencers and provides them at affordable prices. If you are searching for ways to buy a generator, find a portable one or inverter generator. Choosing the right quality and technology can save you from numerous problems. 

ZombieBox is one of the portable weatherproof enclosures that can quieter your generator.


So that’s our 11 tips on how to reduce the noise of your generator, maybe not as quiet as cricket but close. unfortunately, these solutions won’t remove the noise 100 percent, However, it will reduce the level where you can use your generator in campsites without upsetting the neighbors.

If you looking to buy a generator, do proper research and if you want the best go for a high-quality product. And if you have already bought the generator, then there are proven ways given above to make the generator quiet.

Although there can be other ways, we believe in the best strategy. We have given you the most authentic and reliable ways and we hope this article will give you a new direction and you will get benefit from innovative ideas.

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