Food Truck Generator Box: Why Have One?

Food Truck Generator Box: Why Have One?

A Food Truck Generator Box is an enclosure that houses your generator and allows for easy access. These boxes are designed specifically for generators and are made with heavy-duty materials, that will have ventilation as well as doors to keep the generator cool during hot days.

These boxes can hold gas-powered or diesel-powered generators, and not only will a generator box help you save time and money “but” also keep your generator secure!

Unfortunately, a generator box is often an overlooked piece of equipment. However, there are many benefits of having one which we are going to talk about in this article.

So lets get started!

Why Would You Want A Food Truck Generator Box?

Did you know having a Food Truck Generator Box can save you time? What if we also said it would make your life easier and more efficient.

The thing with owning a food truck is your always on the move, whether they’re going to get their next location or setting up for a new event.

It’s never easy unpacking your generator and connecting it up to your food truck but with a generator box, all of this is solved!

Time Is Money

When you’re a food truck owner, time is everything. The more hours you can spend on the road, the better your chances of getting new customers and making more money and in the food truck business, there’s a saying “time is money”

This is what’s great about having a generator box for your food truck is you don’t need to go through the hassle of connecting and disconnecting your generator every time you move location.

By saving all this time you’re able to focus more on serving your customers and as a result, increasing your income.


The next thing is security! Generators are very expensive and having a generator box will keep your generator safe. Generator boxes are specially designed to provide protection from theft, weather conditions, and other potential hazards.

The fact that some of these generator boxes are fireproof and weather-resistant, means you don’t have to bring in your generator when it rains, nor turn or generator off if you think the box might catch fire.

Noise Level

For food truck owners, the noise level in their workplace can be quite disruptive as food trucks are often located near other businesses and most of their customer tend to eat outside by the food truck.

But of course, if the generator produces too much noise then this could be very distracting for your customers who want to enjoy a meal or have a chat while they are waiting.

If this is very similar to you then a generator box might be just what you need to combat this problem!

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Where Do You Put the Food Truck Generator Box?

So you’ve got the food truck generator box and you have no idea where to put it. The most logical place would be close enough to your food truck so that power cords could run from one end of the vehicle to the other, just not too close, or else heat might damage sensitive electronics in both devices.

The first thing you need to know about where a food truck generator goes is whether or not your truck already had one installed. If it did (most do), then you should mount it in the same place.

When deciding where to put your generator box on your food truck, there are several places it can go. you can either place it at the front or back of your food truck, However, the most common place is the rear of the truck.

Depending on what type of food truck you have some even have a side compartment where the generator can go. However, this space is limited and not all these compartments help reduce the noise from the generator.

Your find that most food truck owners will have their generator mounted on the back “but” again this depends on the type of food truck your using. If your using a food truck trailer then you would use what’s call a Trailer Tray For Your Generator!

Generator Mount

Generator mounts are designed to keep your generator off the ground and in an accessible position. This is where you can attach a generator box but the size depends on the area of space you have.

A generator mount is an easy way to secure and transport your generator while still attached to the van and it can hold up the weight of any standard portable generator including the generator box.

You can buy these mounts at places like Amazon however, depending on the type of food truck you have you may have to adjust it or buy extra parts to fit your van. To find out more about generator mount read this article below your find very useful.

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Where To Buy A Food Truck Generator Box?

You can buy a generator box however, most generator boxes are custom made so if you want to have one on your food truck then you will need to buy the materials separately and make adjustments so it will fit.

There are plenty of videos showing how you can make your own box, and what materials you need to get started. You will need ventilation so the heat can escape and the vents you can buy on places like amazon the same goes for the installation your need for the noise.


Although making a generator box is a lot of work once you have it on your food truck you will be glad you did make it. But if you’re now wondering maybe a generator box is not for you then you do have an alternative.

If your generator is already mount but is bare in other words it’s not protected from things like the weather then you can buy a Waterproof Generator Cover. However, using one of these covers won’t reduce the noise of the generator nor will it be secure at night.

The benefits Of Using A Waterproof Generator Cover

  • Can Be Used For Running & Storage
  • Toolless Installation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very Affordable


A food truck generator box is a great investment to make for your business if you don’t want to keep packing and unpacking your generator. But remember if you think a generator box is not for you then you should consider getting a cover for your generator as mentioned above.

So hopefully, this article has provided some tips about a generator box for your food truck and what the benifits are! but also what the your alternatives are as well.