Honda EU7000iS Generator Review

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Power outages are no fun to deal with. They’re an inconvenience at best but can just as easily turn dangerous if your heating turns off in freezing cold winters. Generators then become necessities you can depend upon.

Honda is a brand name synonymous with high-quality machines. And the Honda EU7000iS is no exception. So, rather than going over all the specifications, we are instead going to explain how certain specifications might be beneficial to you. Here’s the rundown on all the specifications of the Honda EU7000iS and what purpose they serve.

After all, a generator’s true capacity is only tested under heavy load or during a power outage.

Honda EU7000iS Generator Review: Best Heavy-Duty Inverter Generator

Honda EU7000iS Engine

First things first, let’s talk about the output capacity of the Honda EU7000iS generator.

The running capacity of this generator is a good 5500 watts, producing 7000 watts at its peak capacity. This means, even with a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner, you’re only going to need 3,500 watts at startup. It also has a significantly low running wattage requirement at 1,500 watts. Both the ranges are within the capacity of the EU7000iS.

Among all the different brands of generators available in the market, Honda generators are known to be more reliable and durable. In keeping with the brand performance, Honda EU7000iS is designed for long-term heavy-duty use.

Honda’s engine technology keeps your fuel running at optimized capacity. Honda EU7000iS engines reduce unburned fuel and CO2 emissions with power, exhaust, and consumption balance. Its exceptional performance can also be attributed to its OHV GX390 engine that provides high-quality power supply. Go ahead and use this engine at full load capacity without worrying about creating more than 4% harmonic distortion. Keeping up with this performance would destroy another generator, but not the Honda.

Another feature of the EU7000iS is that it is an inverter generator. While traditional models are still being used, inverter generators are gradually beginning to take over because of the wide range of benefits they offer.

Benefits of Inverter Generators:

  • They produce reliable and clean power
  • They create less noise compared to the conventional generators
  • They are lightweight and compact
  • They generate fewer emissions
  • They are a safer choice for powering sensitive devices

Honda EU7000iS Key Features

Take a closer look at the Honda generator and you’ll find a Fuel Injection feature on it. Not sure what it means? Let us clarify that for you. Honda has added electronic fuel injection technology to its generator to further boost its fuel efficiency. Given the fact that it is a single fuel-only device, this added feature can be a major selling point for many buyers. Essentially, this fuel injection reduces fuel-related carburetor problems by removing the engine choke. It injects the precise amount of fuel at the right time into the engine cylinders, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Honda EU7000iS Fuel model

This generator is a single fuel model and runs on gasoline. It has a 5-gallon gas tank. It also has quite an impressive run time of 18 hours at 25% load capacity.

Honda EU7000iS also comes with an “eco throttle” switch that helps conserve power when it’s running on half the load capacity. If you ever find yourself not using the generator to its full capacity, simply turn on the eco throttle and it’ll automatically adjust fuel consumption as per the wattage requirement. It is, however, important for you to remember that, in eco throttle mode, the power output is cut down to half. So if you’re running a high load capacity device, it can result in your generator overloading. We recommend doing a little research and reading up about different appliances and their power requirements. You can also use the LCD to check whether your generator is overloading.

Weight and Portability

Weighing roughly 250 pounds, this is a heavy generator that cannot be lifted by a person. However, despite the weight of this machine, it is one of the most easily portable generators. It is equipped with high-quality rubberized wheels that allow you to easily transport it. You can move it from the RV to your campsite with ease. Another aspect to be noted is its handles. Most brands don’t put a lot of attention into the handles, which is why they are so light and also the first thing to break. The Honda EU7000iS generator, however, has two fold-down handles that make holding the generator quite comfortable. The company has also added solid and large metal brackets that fold down when not in use. You can hear them click in place, so there’s less worry of breakage when traveling.

Honda EU7000iS Noise Level

Honda is known for using special sound-dampening materials on its generators that make their already-quiet products even more silent. One such example is the engine that is mounted on rubber mufflers to reduce vibrations and noise emissions from the engine.

As for the EU7000iS, we get Honda’s low range of 52–58 decibels noise level. You can compare it to that of a 60-decibel range of normal conversations or 70-decibel range of a vacuum cleaner. It should be noted that most generators’ noise levels are tested at a distance of about 23 meters. So, choose your generator accordingly. All things considered, such a low noise level is hard to find in generators above 3,500 watts capacity.

Honda EU7000iS Usability

Honda EU7000iS has all the controls on one side, making it easier to locate an outlet or a switch that you don’t know about. The generator also comes with an electric starter that is fairly easy to use. There is an off switch that you need to flick before you push the start button, that’s all. There is also a pull cord backup option available to use in case batteries or electric push start fails.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, Honda generators come up somewhere in the middle. And for this product, we are pleasantly surprised to find it equipped with three different sensors, of which one detects low oil levels while the other two detect overloading and current flow issues. If any of the sensors detect an issue with the generator oil or power, they automatically shut it down. Now, you typically would not be able to identify what exactly made your generator shut down, but Honda has taken care of that too. They’ve added three little lights under the LCD screen that indicate the issue so the user can fix it. If your generator suddenly shuts down, all you have to do is take a look at the control panel and fix the problem.

In addition to the sensors, Honda also brings us the standard inbuilt circuit breaker. It prevents short circuit damage to the alternator in the engine, the generator, and your devices.

Another feature this model offers is the CO-MINDER that utilizes advanced detection technology to shut the generator off if it detects high carbon monoxide levels. This won’t go without your notice because the control panel has a CO-MINDER faceplate that flashes warning lights in such situations.

Parallel Connectivity

Regular use won’t require you to buy another generator but the manufacturer has made room for it regardless. If you’re interested in double the load capacity, then buy two of these generators and hook them up together for parallel operation.

LCD Meters

To keep track of how your generator is functioning, an LCD is necessary. Luckily, the manufacturer has been mindful enough to add one to this generator. The LCD screen is located on the same side as the control panel. You can use it to access information such as the output, voltage, current power use, and RPM. Knowing exactly when and with what device you’re overloading the generator will help you manage the device usage better.

Generator Outlets

This Honda generator comes with two standard 110V plugs that’ll run most household devices that require less voltage. There is also another connector with a 110V and GFCI connector. Ground fault connections help protect devices against damage from short circuits.

That doesn’t mean you can’t run anything above the 110V range. For bigger appliances, there’s an additional 120V to 240V connector included with the generator. You can easily power up devices like dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, ovens, etc. To use either one, just switch it to the left or right and your generator will automatically adjust the voltage output.


Honda EU7000iS comes with 3 years of residential and commercial warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Honda EU7000iS


  • Very quiet
  • Excellent run time even at 75% load capacity
  • I-monitor to keep track of running hours, engine speed, output, and voltage
  • Pull cord backup in case electric startup fails
  • Easy to track fuel levels with its fuel gauge option
  • Prevent engine seizure with its oil alert system that notifies you of low oil levels


  • Too heavy for casual single person use
  • Expensive
  • Single fuel generator

Bottom line

We’ve found the Honda EU7000iS to be an excellent generator in the 7,000 watts range. If your main requirements involve outdoor parties, DIY projects, worksite requirements, and power outages, this generator fits the bill. It has a surprisingly low noise level, is portable, and can handle heavy loads without strain. If budget allows and your demands exceed the 4,000-watt range, then the Honda EU7000iS is an exceptional choice.

Faqs on Honda EU7000iS Generator

Is the Honda EU7000is Enough To Run My Entire House?

Well, It depends on the total power requirement of your house.

We’ve calculated 5,000 to 7,000 watts as the total power requirement of any house at peak hours. The two big power consumption sources in your house would be the air conditioner and water heater. The air conditioner uses roughly 1,500 watts to run and the water heater uses 4,500 watts. With 7,000 watts peak capacity, this generator should be able to handle the load comfortably, even if both are running at the same time.

Can I Run My Portable Generator Indoors?

No. Portable or not, generators are not meant to be used indoors. This is mainly because the exhaust releases deadly carbon monoxide that is hazardous if trapped inside the room.

To keep yourself and your family safe, keep the generator 20 feet away from the house. You should also make sure the generator exhaust is far away from windows, doors, or any entryways. As long as the generator is placed in a ventilated space, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Do I Maintain the Honda Generator?

  • Make sure to check oil, air cleaner, and GFCI connectors before each use.
  • Change the oil after the first 20 hours of use or every month, whichever comes first.
  • Clean the air filter once in 3 months or 50 hours later, whichever comes first.
  • Change oil, clean spark arrester, check spark plugs every 100 hours or 6 months.
  • Replace the spark plug and air filter after every year or 300 hours.
  • Check valve clearance every or 300 hours.
  • Clean the combustion chamber, fuel tank, and fuel tube every 1000 hours.
  • Replace the fuel pump filter every 1000 hours.
  • If you end up not using the battery for an extended period, then recharge it once a month.

What Does Running Wattage and Surge Wattage Mean?

Any electronic device requires power to start and run. The power used at startup is what you call surge wattage and that required to run the device is running wattage.

The power required for the startup is generally higher than that required to run the device. Keep this in mind when making your decision about purchasing a generator. While the generator doesn’t need to have a combined surge wattage to start all devices at once, it must have enough to start a single device at once.

Final Thought

As quite a few of the topics related to generators can be difficult to grasp, we’ve made our guide easy to read for all. We’ve covered all the specifications of the Honda EU7000iS and explained their purposes in a concise yet informative manner.

If you have more questions about inverter generators or their break-in process, feel free to write to us in the comments below!