8 Best Generators For Food Trucks

8 Best Generators For Food Trucks

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What are the best generators for food trucks? For those who are in the food truck business know that there are no electric points available to run their appliances efficiently, so this is where mobile electricity is needed aka (a generator).

Generators are a priority component for food trucks these days.

Although there are many generators available, not all of them are good choices for food trucks, and those who do buy a portable generator that does not meet certain requirements are just wasting their time.

There are various things to keep in mind in order to avoid getting the wrong generator. So to solve this problem and help you make an informed decision we have created a list of the 8 best generators for food trucks based on their benefits and features including the pros and cons.

This way you can view and decide which generator is right for you.

8 Best Generators For Food Trucks

 1. DuroMax XP4400EH Portable Generator

This portable generator has lots of power since it can deal with heavy loads, from a refrigerator, lights to the air conditioner, everything you need to power a food truck.

It works on propane or gasoline, which provides the food truck owner the flexibility and freedom to choose its fuel.

The 210cc OHV engine of this portable generator is a workhorse that offers a lot of power in order to handle various jobs, from powering heavy duty power tools to high voltage appliances.

Food truck owners will certainly obtain the maximum power from the 120-volt receptacles of this portable generator. Select between running the generator at both 240 volts and 120 volts at the same time.

The power panel of the DuroMax XP4400EH Portable Generator is comprised of a broad range of outlets for utmost compatibility in the applications such as the twist lock outlet and household GFCI outlets.

Starting Watts4,400W
Running Watts3,500W
Start MethodElectric
Noise Level dB69dB
Product Weight127 lbs
Power VoltageFull power at only 120V
Fuel TypeGas or Propane 3.96 gallon tank
Product Dimensions24 x 17 x 17 inches

Pros +

  • Dual-fuel system
  • Silent operation of only 69 decibels
  • EPA and CARB approved in a variety of states
  • Provides 240 voltage and 120 voltage of electricity
  • 200+ cubic-centimeter motor that makes 7 horsepower

Cons -

  • Insubstantial 30-day warranty

Why We Recommend It?

This portable generator is developed as a comprehensible generator that offers a power of 4,400W. The dual-fuel system of the DuroMax XP4400EH Portable Generator enables the owner to operate the generator on liquid propane or gas.

In addition, this versatile generator is ideal for operating appliances in food trucks or at home and power tools with high amperage. It is filled with a punch and will keep the appliances running at full efficiency.

2. WEN 56475 Portable Generator

The digital readout of the WEN 56475 Portable Generator helps manage the changes in the oil and maintenance schedule.

This portable generator comes with a low-oil stoppage, electric start, overload protection, and an AVR in order to take advantage of its safety.

The WEN 56475 Portable Generator meets the requirements of EPA III and CARB to be available in all 50 states of the country.

When purchasing this portable power generator, it comes with foldable handles and a wheel kit for simple transport anywhere the owner wants to bring and use it.

It has a 223cc engine that offers 3,750 rated watt and 4,750 surge watt that makes it very beneficial for those who need a high-powered portable generator.

Starting Watts4750W
Running Watts3750W
Start MethodElectric
Noise Level dB 67dB
Product Weight112.5 pounds
Power Voltage120V
Fuel TypeGas 4-gallon tank
Product Dimensions26.6 x 17.1 x 17.3 inches

Pros +

  • Low-oil stoppage
  • Affordably priced
  • Includes an AVR
  • peak watts of 4,750
  • Legal to use in all 50 states by EPA III and CARB

Cons -

  • Substitute batteries are hard to find in the market

Why We Recommend It?

WEN 56475 Portable Generator has been dependably lighting up its owners since it is extremely durable for food trucks and adequately compact for simple transport.

The keyless electric start of this portable generator enables the owners to turn the generator on at just one press of a button. In addition, it is high-powered that it provides the ability to run the refrigerator, lights, cookers, sump pump, and other appliances with ease.

3. Briggs and Straton P4500 Inverter Generator

Inverter generators provide more silent operation and tidier power that is safer for delicate electronics and equipment. It is a kind of inverter generator producing a maximum of 4,500W and a complete 3,700 working watts.

The Briggs and Straton P4500 Inverter Generator works at only 61 decibels, which makes it simpler to talk to the customers, even though this is parked in the vicinity.

Once it is fully tanked with 3.5G of fuel, the food truck owner will be able to have an operational time of almost 16 hours at mostly 25 percent load.

Fortunately, this portable generator will control the speed of the engine to produce only as much power as is needed by the plugged-in appliances.

Moreover, it keeps the sound on a low level and makes sure that the food truck owner is always buying the finest fuel-budget possible.

Starting Watts4500W
Running Watts3700W
Start MethodElectric/Recoil
Noise Level dB60dB
Product Weight114.8 pounds
Power Voltage120V
Fuel TypeGas 3.5 Gallons
Product Dimensions24.5 x 17.6 x 20.3 inches

Pros +

  • Operates for almost 16 hours when a full tank
  • Automatic stoppage of carbon monoxide
  • Silent operation of only 60 decibels
  • Makes fresh power that is safer to use for delicate electronics

Cons -

  • It is prohibitively costly

Why We Recommend It?

While the Briggs and Straton P4500 Inverter Generator has a variety of good features, including automatic stoppage for high levels of carbon monoxide, it is actually the silent operating volume and clean power that makes this portable generator a highly recommended one.

In addition, food truck owners need to expect that Briggs and Straton P4500 Inverter Generator is extremely expensive, but it is because of the overall features that make it very useful and a must-have.

4. Champion Power Equipment 76533 RV

With the dual-fuel system, this portable generator never runs out of fuel because it can be operated using propane or gas.

At a 23 feet distance, Champion Power Equipment 76533 RV will produce only 68dc of sound. In the meantime, food truck owners will enjoy a 3,800 running power watts and an overall 4,750 maximum watts when extra is needed.

This power generator comes with a 224 cc best engine that features an amazing electric start.

Champion Power Equipment 76533 RV tank holds almost 3.4G, which will enable it to operate for at least 9 hours.

This portable generator comes with permanent technical support and limited warranty, which makes it one of the most excellent choices.

Starting Watts4750W
Running Watts3800W
Start Method Electric
Noise Level dB 68 dB
Product Weight122 pounds
Power Voltage120V
Fuel Type Gas or Propane 3.4 Gallon Tank
Product Dimensions26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches

Pros +

  • Operating sound is 68 decibels at 23 inches
  • Permanent technical support for free
  • Dual-fuel system
  • limited warranty for 3 years

Cons -

  • No 240 voltage outlets
  • Efficiency of fuel is not the best

Why We Recommend It?

The Champion Power Equipment 76533 RV is very inexpensive, which makes it one of the most excellent portable generators to purchase, considering it has a variety of beneficial features.

The dual-fuel system of Champion Power Equipment 76533 RV makes it very ideal for those who are in search of a portable generator that can operate it with either propane or gas.

5. Pulsar G65BN Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Producing between a maximum of 5,500 operating watts and 6,500 watts means this portable generator offers a lot of power in order to operate all of the important appliances and equipment at home.

It has a fuel tank that can occupy up to 5.2 gallons, which enables it to be running for at least 12 hours at 50 percent gasoline load.

Owners will get lots of power connectivity that has a different range of DC outlets, that includes 120 voltage, 120 volts, and 240 volts of a twist lock, 30 amperes, and 12 volts.

Meanwhile, the portable generator does produce further power compared to other selections of portable generators, however, the Pulsar G65BN is much heavier at 150 pounds of weight. Read more user reviews at Amazon.

Starting Watts6500W
Running Watts5,500W
Start MethodElectric/Recoil
Noise Level dB68dB
Product Weight148 pounds
Power Voltage 240V
Fuel TypeGAS or Propane 5.2 gallons
Product Dimensions27 x 20 x 19 inches

Pros +

  • Has outlets for both 240 volts and 120 volts
  • 8 horsepower motor
  • 5,500 operating watts
  • Operates on gas or propane

Cons -

  • 76 decibels of operating volume
  • Weighs roughly 150 pounds

Why We Recommend It?

The Pulsar G65BN generator is a stable portable generator that comes with loads of power in order to operate almost all the important appliances and equipment at home.

It has a fuel tank of more than 5 gallons. It can be operated for more than 11 hours at only 50 percent of gasoline and can easily power a food truck and all the appliances.

6. Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

For food truck owners who are in need of further power, then Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator is the best since it provides an imposing 9,500 operating watts and 12,500 peak watts when it is operated thru gasoline

On the other hand, it not only runs on gasoline as it is not restricted to this kind of fuel since Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator will operate on propane.

By using this kind of portable generator, owners will be able to access 240 volts and 120 volts outlets. The tank holds almost 6.6 gasoline gallons, which will operate for at least half a day if being moderate with regard to usage.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator is quite expensive compared to other portable generator models in the market.

Actually, it does provide more power compared to the majority of its counterparts, but it also has downsides such as having a weight of almost 220 pounds and poor fuel consumption.

Starting Watts12500W
Running Watts9500W
Start MethodElectric/Recoil
Noise Level dB74dB
Product Weight220 pounds
Power Voltage120V
Fuel TypeGas or Propane 6.6 gallon tank
Product Dimensions27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches

Pros +

  • Provides both 240 volts and 120 volts of electricity
  • 3 years of the limited warranty
  • Operates on gasoline or propane
  • 12,500 utmost watts

Cons -

  • More expensive than others
  • Weighs almost 220 pounds
  • 12 hours of operating time for only 6 fuel gallons

Why We Recommend It?

Even though the Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator is more expensive compared to other portable generator models, it does provide more power than a lot of other options.

Providing a remarkable 9,500 operating watts and 12,500 peak watts when being operated, not to mention not being limited to its fuel source as it can have both propane and gasoline.

7. All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator

With a 200+ cubic-centimeter motor power that produces up to 7 horsepower, this portable generator provides both 120 voltage and 240 voltage outlets for operating appliances, whether small or large.

The All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator makes 3,300 operating watts and 4,000 utmost watts, which is enough for the majority of food trucks to be operated.

Although it is quite a noise, portable generator, All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator runs at 72dc at only half load.

It is certified by the EPA, so it is approved to be used in various states in America, which makes it easier to find for those who want to purchase this kind of portable generator.

Weighing at more than 136 pounds, it is quite heavy, so owners will need to sacrifice its portability.

Due to its some excellent features, the All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator is more affordable.

Starting Watts4, 000W
Running Watts3, 000W
Start MethodRecoil Start
Noise Level dB72dB
Product Weight96 pounds
Power Voltage120V
Fuel TypeGas 1.3 Gallon
Product Dimensions24 x 17.5 x 20 inches

Pros +

  • 200+ cubic-centimeter motor makes 7 horsepower
  • Offers 120 voltage and 240 voltage outlets
  • Very affordable

Cons -

  • Weighs almost 136 pounds
  • Not legal in all of 50 states
  • Noisy at 72 decibels

Why We Recommend It?

The All Power America APGG4000 is a portable and lightweight generator that comes with undeniable power and durability perfect to power a food truck. It can also be taken during tailgating, camping, or can be utilized for backup power at home.

It can last for almost 8 hours at a half load and only needs 4 gallons of gasoline. It is easy to transport and use. Just fill the very accessible fuel tank and turn the generator on!

8. Firman HO3650 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

At first, this portable generator seems to be an excellent selection as it comes with a double-fuel system that enables it to operate on propane or gasoline.

With 3,650 and 4,550 of running watts, the portable generator should offer adequate power to run any equipment and appliances at home.

In addition, it is CARB, and EPA III certified. It can be used and available in the market to all 50 states in America.

However, the same with other portable generators out there, turning it on with propane as its source of fuel is hard.

Even in relatively warm weather, this portable generator repeatedly overheats.

Starting Watts4550W
Running Watts3650W
Start MethodElectric
Noise Level dB67dB
Product Weight127.7 pounds
Power Voltage 120V 
Fuel TypeGas or Propane 5 gallon tank
Product Dimensions24.7 x 21.8 x 21.6 inches

Pros +

  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Dual-fuel system

Cons -

  • Very hard to start since it can be operated with propane
  • Overheats during warm weather
  • It only runs at 3,650 watts

Why We Recommend It?

This portable generator is prepared for all the tasks since it offers power on demand. It is perfect for food trucks and is featured with 8-inch heavy-duty tubeless wheels and high U-shaped folding handle leverage that makes it easier and faster to use.

Before Picking A Generator For Your Food Truck

Before going ahead and purchasing a generator for your food truck it’s very important you check the benefits and features the generator has to offer, this includes things like the power output, running time, and noise level.


You want a generator that can power all your appliances, so it is recommended to use a higher voltage generator with plenty of running hours, and an easy-to-use regulator!

However, with that said, there are plenty of low voltage generators that can run a food truck but the problem with this is you might find that the generator will struggle to run multiple appliances at the same time.


If your parked on a busy construction site then having a noisy generator won’t bother most people, however, if you’re in a quiet area then you want a generator that has a low noise level.

Some generators can get very loud and the last thing you want is your customers walking because your generator is just too loud.

If you are on a budget and have no choice but to have one that is slightly loud you can use what’s called a quiet box for your generator that can help reduce the noise.


To run all your food truck appliances efficiently depends on the size of the generator and typically your need a generator with a power output of at least 2950 watts.

However, if you want to run multiple appliances then we recommend a generator that has a power output of between 3000 to 7000 this gives you that extra bit of power if needed.


The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. First, you should figure out what appliances are going in the truck and how many amps each appliance takes up.

Once you have that information, multiply it by 1-1/2x (to give yourself some cushion).

For example: if an oven only needs 40 amps but runs continuously for hours at a time then 60 is probably closer to the right estimate.

This is an average that includes appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

To determine what you need, look at all of the appliances that you will be running in your truck and overestimate by a bit so there’s some room for error if one appliance has higher needs than others or malfunctions during use.

What Size Generator does a food truck need?

You may be asking yourself, “What size generator do I need for my food truck?” Well, the answer to that question will depend largely on what electrical items you need powering.

Typically, to run a food truck you require a minimum of 3000 watts or 25 amps to run things like a fridge, blenders, or a microwave. However, with that said it is recommended that you get a generator with more power, of between 4000-7000 watts, to run multiple appliances.

If it’s just lighting and maybe charging a smartphone, then a small solar or lithium battery system would suffice.

But if your food truck has more amenities or is larger in general, then it’ll require something much bigger, like an electrician transformer style of generator with heavy-duty wiring capacity.

Depending on the type of electrical appliances that you are using in your food truck business, there will be two different loads. The load differs depending on which appliance is used.

You may already be aware of this, but there is a difference between resistive and reactive loads.

Resistive load (or opposition to the flow) means that the current in phase with voltage which causes it to start out on equal power before gradually lessening at some point along its use cycle.

Whereas for purposes like refrigerators or microwaves, reactance works by drawing more current than what you would expect when large alternating currents are supplied from your electrical service panel up through your appliance’s line cord into grounding conductor as well as neutral wires.

Reactive Load

A reactive load happens when the current isn’t at phase with the voltage, this means an electric appliance needs more power just to start than required while running.

So keeping these types of devices turned off or only operating for short periods of time helps keep costs low or use battery backup systems instead!

Resistive Load

A resistive load is when the current and voltage are in phase with each other. This means that an appliance has a steady power supply as it starts up, then turns off at the same time of completion.

Appliances that have resistivity loads usually use electric motors such as air conditioners, blenders, and refrigerators which require heat to be generated to operate efficiently.

Different types of electrical appliances can have different loads. So it’s important to know which type you’re using in order to be able to calculate the generator power needs for your food truck!


So there are the 8 best generators for food trucks and as you’ve just seen there are various generators for food trucks available on the market which vary in size, fuel efficiency, power, and price.

For those who are looking for a generator to power there food truck, it’s best to choose one that comes with a higher voltage, running hours, and easy-to-use regulator!