Generators That Run On Natural Gas (Detailed Guide of 2022)

Generators That Run On Natural Gas (Detailed Guide of 2022)

Sudden blackouts can ruin the smoothness of daily life activities. A generator can help save your time and precious work in case of electricity outage issues.

Generators that run on natural gas are environment friendly and cost-effective. Moreover, a natural gas generator is efficient to operate than a diesel generator.

You might be wondering about generators that run on natural gas, Right?

A natural gas generator is a generator that runs on natural gas instead of gasoline and diesel. As of 2019, natural gas generators accounted for the most significant share of overall generation capacity (43%) in the US. 

Although there are a few generators, every generator must go through similar maintenance for long-term use. Generators that run on natural gas might be expensive, but they are cleaner and quieter.

Read on to know the details about different generators that run on natural gas.

What Are Natural Gas Generators Mainly Used For?

A natural gas generator is an efficient way of using power generation. Natural gas generators are best for industrial and residential areas.

After the conversion process, it gets available through pipelines. But, many people use natural gas in the form of cylinders.

People prefer using a natural gas generator because it doesn’t run on fuel.

The difference between natural gas and other generator is that it runs on a fuel called natural gas.

Natural gas generators are best for areas where fuel is available through pipelines. However, people use diesel generators for an emergency backup power system.

But, in recent times, electrical contractors are reconsidering natural gas generators.

In weather issues, natural gas generators are the best than the other generators. They are best because of cost-effectiveness, fuel maintenance, and better air quality.

Are Gas Generators Better?

Electric contractors are adapting natural gas generators as an emergency backup system. These generators are better for industry use and in case of electric outrage.

People can use a gas generator as it’s a terrific alternative to diesel.

Natural gas generators are best for extensive facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. These are the places where a continuous power supply is critical.

Natural gas generators are best for routine use in large commodities. 

Gasoline generators have limited shelf life and can ditch you in an emergency when you need them the most.

Many companies are adapting gas generators as they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Generators that run on diesel are one of the main contributors to air pollution. Also, for this reason, installers of residential generators are opting for gas generators.

This way, the homeowner will not have to worry about the regular cycling of fresh gasoline. The best thing is that the residents don’t need to add fuel due to the utility and pipelines.

Generators That Runs On Natural Gas

Benefits Of Using A Natural Gas Generator

Here we jotted down some of the main benefits of using a natural gas generator:

1. Easy to Use 

Natural gas generators are easy to use and produce fewer emissions that makes them better. The local authorities and environmental protection agencies consider them good.

Gas generators are best to use for peak shaving. It allows people to use it as non-emergency generators. 

These generators are the best and easy to use in different cost-saving operations. Compared to gas generators, diesel generators are unable to meet environmental requirements.

Diesel generators are noisier in the process, but gas generators are quieter. 

A gas generator is the only best option for those people who have restricted living spaces. In places where regular fuel delivery is difficult, a natural gas generator can help.

Also, a diesel generator has an unpleasant smell that you can avoid in a gas generator. 

Another reason that natural gas generators are easy to use is their cleanup.

You don’t need large space as it doesn’t come with storage tanks and saves you from the costly cleanup.

2. Dependability

Natural gas production in the US is growing and setting new records. The gas flows go across a network of more than 200 pipelines that stretch over 300,000 miles.

You might be questioning what does all this capacity means. It’s dependability. Because the owners of natural gas generators can rest knowing the plenty of fuel. 

They know that they have enough fuel for power generation in need of emergency.

According to a study by Nevada’s public utility commission, it’s easy to deliver natural gas in an emergency without even storing it through pipelines.

It is found that there are only three natural gas outrages that happen yearly.

Natural gas lines are deep from ground level that they are safe from natural disasters. The underground safety of the lines protects them from the above-ground utilities.

That’s why many industries think that gas generators are more dependable than others.

3. Clean Burning

There is no doubt in saying that natural gas takes the title of the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It is best to use for power generation as it produces less Sulphur and nitrogen.

Natural gas generators have almost 90% fewer emissions than diesel generators.

The most beneficial thing about natural gas is that it can lower the impact of toxic emissions on the environment.

Natural gas is environment friendly as it uses field gas.

Natural gas generators equipped with raw gas are best for power buildings. Gas generators can reduce the power generation that comes from diesel generators.

4. Cost-Effective

A natural gas generator is cost-effective as compared to a diesel generator. Natural gas generators cost you half of what diesel generators do. 

According to US Energy Information Administration, there are 137,381 Btu found in a gallon of diesel.

The average cost for this is $3, so if you want to get one million Btu, you need 7.5 gallons of diesel. It will cost you a total of $22.

If we talk about natural gas, it contains 1,036 Btu in a cubic foot, which only costs $0.1286 as of right now.

If you want to get one million Btu, you need 965 cubic feet, which will only cost you $13.

But, natural gas generators need more maintenance over the long-term. It can also need initial outlays to install, and buy-in cases when running new gas lines are crucial.

But. Still, the low cost of natural gas helps you cover the price over the long-term period.

5. Easy Accessibility

Natural gas is accessible in case of emergency, but diesel fuel refill can be difficult at times of need. In case of natural disasters like flooding, there is no guarantee of a diesel fuel supply.

Moreover, natural gas is accessible because you don’t need to manage it. However, it’s crucial to maintain diesel fuel tanks as their shelf life is only 12 months.

There are many other challenges that you can face in diesel-based generators. 

Another thing about natural gas generators is that you don’t need to do hectic and costly cleanups.

There can be diesel spills because of or other defaults that can cause expensive cleanup.

Can Portable Generators Run on Natural Gas?

Portable generators run on gasoline and need large spaces. But, there are many portable generators available that can run on natural gas.

Portable generators are less costly than standby generators. But, standby generators provide more power than portable ones.

With portable generators, you should use a stabilizer for enhanced storage. Also, portable generators are best suited for open spaces, but you can use them on and off your property.

Portable generators tend to emit more carbon dioxide, so you should run it away from your home. 

Moreover, it would be best to use a shield for your generator to protect it from rain. Many portable generators in the market provide safety.

Many generators have a built-in sensor to reduce the emission of Co2 from the generators. 

The portable generators have engines that emit less Co2 and control it in danger in tight spaces. The natural gas portable generator that has safety features is best to use.

But still operate a generator 20 feet away from your house.

Home Generators that Run on Natural Gas

Having a gas home generator is a blessing when you’re facing electric outrage. The demands for the backup power system are increasing by the home offices and security system.

Many homeowners now understand the need for natural power generators.

A standby home generator can keep your power on during the outrage. You can install it outside your home, and it works when you’re at your home.

Home generators run on natural gas, so you also don’t need to worry about refueling issues. 

Two Types Of Natural Gas Generators


In case of no local utility, prime generators are best to use. It’s a less common natural gas generator, especially for residential purposes.

These power generators have longer running times, and they can handle larger electricity loads than backup generators.

Prime generators typically cost between $2000 To $4000


Standby is the most common commercial and residential natural gas generator. The local company install, supply, and fuel the standby generators.

It is only used during emergency periods as an operating standby generator.

Standby generators typically cost between $700 to $2000

1. Working Of Standby Generators

Below we jotted down a list of the working of home or standby generators that run on natural gas:

Checks The PowerThe best thing about home generators is that their system checks the power from the gas line.
Transfer SwitchThese home generators have an automatic transfer switch that closes the utility line and opens a new power line.
Control SystemThe control system of the generator senses the loss of power when the power when interrupted. It also sends a signal to the generator to start
Utility Line VoltageWhen the utility line voltage returns, the system returns the load to the power line. 
Cool Down PeriodFor the new power outage, the generator continues to run for several minutes to cool down the engine.
Scheduled FeatureThe standby generator provides a scheduled feature. It ensures the system is ready whenever you need it.

2. Benefits Of Home Generators That Runs On Natural Gas

The home generator is the best option to have for your home as it’s very convenient. It detects the outage and provides you with partial or whole-house power.

It’s reliable because of the underground gas lines, and it doesn’t cause interruptions.

Many home generators run a test to provide you with the peak performance when needed. When your electricity comes back, the standby generators shut down.

3. Safety Of Home Generators

Always use qualified natural gas home generator dealers for the installation. Also, you must be familiar with the operation of a portable home generator.

Here we prepared some tips for you to follow:

  1. Read the manufactures instructions before starting your generator. 
  2. The generator’s electric load doesn’t exceed the manufacturer rating. 
  3. Always employ caution when dealing with the fuel of gasoline generators.
  4. In gasoline generators, always let the generator cool first before adding fuel.

4. Cost Of Home Generators

The cost of natural gas generators depends on different factors. It may include the equipment and installation process.

A standby generator system for a 2000 sq. ft. can cost you around $12000, including installation.

The cost of the generators will be higher according to the electric generating capacity.

5. Right Size Matters

Always buy a standby generator that can fit in your house. Also, consider the wattage that your daily appliances use because it may influence your generator’s size. 

Usually, a 2,000 sq. ft. house with a four-ton of air conditioning seeking whole house generation will need 16 kW – 20kW of power. Living in a warm area can mean a larger air conditioner.

It will require more dedicated circuits for the generator. To check your wattage necessities, check the user manuals of appliances.

For detailed estimation of your wattage requirements, please consult a professional home generator dealer because they can provide an exact reading of your needs.

It may be based on the appliances you want directing to the generator during an outage. 


Natural gas generators are of great use in case of sudden electricity outrage. They are very handy in an emergency and can charge all your devices like cell phones, laptops perfect if you’re running a business from home.

Just remember before picking a generator for your house make sure you have considered the correct wattage to get the maximum benefits out of your generator.

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