Honda EU3000iS Generator Review

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Generators are necessary in households and settings that are highly dependent on electricity. When there is a power outage, it is easy to change the supply to the generator enabling a smooth transition with little interruptions and inconveniences. The Honda EU3000is is feature-packed, super silent inverter generator designed to provide quality and efficiency to users.

The Honda EU3000is is a more expensive generator than most 3000-watt models, but less noisy and more reliable. The inverter generator offers clean and stable power for your fridge, PC, television, phones, microwave and even RV air conditioner.

Another thing to note is that this is a quiet generator when compared to similar models. It has a 196cc engine which, even at full speed, is much quieter than you would expect and isn’t too loud for a neighborhood or camping.

A desirable entry-level generator for recreational vehicles, the Honda EU3000is gives you enough power to run all the necessary appliances and equipment on the go. Boasting inverter technology, it has clean and stable power for sensitive electronics like laptops and phones.

The latest Honda EU3000is model comes with a CO-MINDER feature which is an advanced carbon monoxide detection system that notes high levels of the unwanted gas and shuts down the generator automatically as a safety feature. Also included in newer models is a backup starter power for emergency purposes and a lengthier time of usage - the generator can run for around 20 hours on a 3.4 gallon fuel tank.

Weighing 130 pounds, this is barely an easy load to carry for one person and it requires at least two people or a wheeling kit for easy mobility. It does not come with the wheels, thus an added expense to be considered when purchasing this unit. A wheel kit makes the Honda EU3000is easy to move around.

Let us dig deeper to learn more about the Honda EU3000is, shall we?



The Honda EU3000is inverter generator packs 3000-watt capacity in a 130 pound body. It is designed to offer sufficient power to run appliances while tailgating, camping or at home. It can run a refrigerator, lights, coffee maker, television and computer.

Using inverter technology, this generator offers clean and stable power that is ideal for powering sensitive electronic equipment. Equipment such as phones, tablets and laptops are delicate and demand a clean and consistent power, and the Honda EU3000is provides the same power as you would get from outlets in the house. It has less wattage than other models in the market today, but that does not stop it from offering smooth and pure sine wave for your delicate equipment to run smoothly.

The Honda generator features a DC outlet used for charging the 12 volt automotive type battery. Equipped with a 4-stroke gas engine, it runs smoothly and quietly. With an Eco setting, it will be silent and you can enjoy your sleep even when it is running.

For plug outlets, the Honda is equipped with one 120V 30A locking plug receptacle, two 120V 20A receptacles, and one 12A, 12V, 144W DC output to charge the batteries. Unfortunately, it has no 220V power outlets.

This generator runs for 7 hours at 2800 rated watts, with the latest model running up to 20 hours. If you need more power, you can connect two Honda generators. You will get a special cable and kit to link the two, but they must be similar units for double the power.

To know how your unit is running, the Honda EU3000is has a high-quality and well-organized control unit that features all the user controls on one side. It is easy to read and control the power supply system.


Changing oil in this model is as easy as ABC. The generator is protected by an efficient oil alert system that alerts you when you have run out of oil in the engine and need to replenish the unit. The Honda generator runs on normal gasoline and runs smoother on premium gasoline. The pull start comes in handy when the batteries are dead. Although it is hard to start when it is cold, this unit has many transfer switches in various sizes and styles.

The Honda EU3000is is circuit protected ensuring that the unit is safe from any issues that may come up due to overloading. Further, it has the CO-MINDER feature which is an advanced carbon monoxide detection system that notes high levels of the unwanted gas and shuts down the generator automatically as a safety feature.

With a lockable fuel vent, this generator takes safety to a higher level. The construction makes sure that spillage is not a problem when running this Honda unit.


The Honda EU3000is is quieter than most 3000-watt generators. You have no worries if you plan to install this in a neighborhood or go camping with it. At 58dB, this is one super quiet generator that will not get you into trouble with the homeowners’ association.

It features an Eco-throttle that reduces the sound emitted by the generator by compressing the engine making it not run at full speed. If noise is a concern, then this Honda generator is perfect for you. It is quiet with a reasonable power supply albeit at a higher cost than similar models.


The generator is weather resistant so you can have it on a flat and raised surface outdoors for optimal performance. Weighing 130 pounds, it is not easy to move this generator with ease despite its compact design. You will require a wheel kit attached for easy mobility.

On the flip side, the generator has handles that are a great help when lifting it up to where it is needed. This cannot be accomplished by one person and would require an extra pair of hands owing to its weight and lack of wheels.



One problem to consider when buying a Honda EU3000is is the way to make your machine last for a long time. Because it is used outdoors, this generator easily gets mud, dust and other weather elements. If you do nothing to protect it from the elements, its durability is greatly diminished.

Getting a cover for your Honda EU3000is is essential. Find one made of waterproof and breathable material that can fit your generator seamlessly.


One of the most inconveniencing features of the Honda EU3000is is that it is not mobile. A wheel kit is a must-have accessory to make your generator portable. There are plenty of wheel kits in the market today.

Honda has a swivel wheel kit designed for the EU3000is model with small swivel wheels in the front and larger ones at the back. When the fuel tank is empty, this wheel kit is relatively easy to install and the wheels work perfectly on hard surfaces.

With this product, you do not have to lift this heavy generator again. Its black coated finish matches the generator trim. This wheel kit for the Honda EU3000is will meet your expectations and guarantee durability, comfort and great mobility.

PROS of Honda EU3000is

  • Featuring a powerful industrial-grade engine, this unit is ideal for various settings including home use, camping and tailgating
  • Offers 3000 watts of clean and stable power that you can use to power sensitive electronics
  • Features an electric start with backup recoil start
  • Quiet operation so you have no problems using this generator near neighbors or while camping. It runs at 58dB which is less noisy than a normal conversation between two people.
  • Comes with an Eco Throttle feature that is fuel efficient, automatically adjusting the engine speed to run optimally at the usage load provided
  • Allows for parallel connection so you can increase your power output with a similar model
  • Has a 30A receptacle that allows easy connection to an RV locking cord or home backup transfer switch
  • Purchase covered by a 3 year residential limited warranty

CONS of Honda 3000is

  • Earlier models do not have remote starter
  • It is more expensive than other 3000-watt generators with similar capabilities
  • At its size, it is not easy to move this generator from place to place. You need a wheel kit to allow easy mobility.


Does the Honda EU3000iS have a remote start kit?

The Honda EU3000is does not have a remote starter kit. There are generic versions in the market that one can purchase and install. However, this voids your warranty and any problems arising from this cannot be claimed under the warranty.

Is it possible to run the Honda EU3000iS on propane?

You can install a tri-fuel conversion kit in the Honda EU3000is, although this is not recommended by either CARB, EPA or Honda. Incase of any damages caused by the conversion of propane, this cannot be claimed under the warranty.

What Should You Check Before Starting The Honda EU3000iS?

  1. Do you have enough space for ventilation near the generator?
  2. Is the generator at least 3 feet from the closest building?
  3. Do you have any flammable things near the generator?
  4. Is the oil level and fuel level enough, is the air filter clean?
  5. Is the engine switched off?
  6. Are the plugs, extension cords and appliances in good working condition?
  7. Are all the appliances within the rated or surge power of the Honda EU3000is?

What are the different indicator lights for on the Honda EU3000is?

The top light that illuminates in green is an indicator that the generator is running as expected, smoothly and producing the normal current at the power outlets.

The middle indicator light is the overload indicator which shines a bright red to warn you that the generator is loaded more than 3kVa. In this case, the current will be switched off after 4 seconds of overloading and the green indicator will go off. The engine might still run but no current is being produced and none is reaching the appliances. Check the current load on the equipment before you reset the AC circuit protector switches.

The light at the bottom is an oil alert system. The oil indicator light will be red in case the crankcase goes below the minimum level and the engine will not run if there is insufficient oil to avoid possible damage.

How well does it run at high altitude?

The generator runs on a standard carburetor which operates on altitudes lower than 1500 meters/5000 feet. If you will need to use this generator on higher altitudes than this, contact your Honda service dealer to do modifications on the carburetor. When you need to use the generator on altitudes lower than 5000 feet, you will still need to take it back to the Honda service dealer to modify the carburetor to avoid overheating problems due to lean air fuel mixture.

When should you use the Eco Throttle System?

The Eco Throttle system leads to more efficient fuel consumption, and lowered noise levels when it is turned on. The feature works ideally when the appliance load is not high.

It is advisable to switch off Eco-Throttle when connecting an appliance that needs surge power to start its compressor or electric motor. You should also turn it off before turning on or connecting an appliance with a surge power demand. Avoid turning on several appliances when the Eco Throttle is on.

It is better to keep the system off when you want to charge a battery with the DC output.

How does the Engine Switch And Starter Grip Work?

There are three positions on the engine switch which manages the ignition system. You can remove and insert the engine switch key when it is in the OFF position. You can also start the engine in the ON position using the recoil start. If you do not have enough charge to start the engine in the battery, you can use the recoil starter grip. The engine also runs in the ON position. Use the electric starter by simply turning on the engine key in the START position.

How to Connect the Honda EU3000is on parallel?

For more power, you can connect the Honda EU3000is on parallel. You do this using a parallel operation cable kit and plug the cables into the parallel operation outlets of the two generators.

The cable kit has a set of instructions that you can follow to connect two EU3000is generators in parallel. You can start both once the connection is secure. Check if the two generators are indicating green on the output indicator light. Plug in and turn on the appliances you desire to run.

Never attempt to connect two different generators even if they are both from Honda. They should be the exact same model to work perfectly and safely. Use only the Honda approved parallel operation cable kit for it to work effectively.

Also note that you should not try to connect or remove the parallel operation kit when the generators are on. If you want to only use one generator, remove the kit and restart the generator to use it.

When working in parallel, the maximum power output of two Honda EU3000is generators is 6kVa. If you run beyond this high peak for more than a few minutes, you will be altering the service life. Also, 5.6kVa is the rated power output of two generators operating in parallel.

How To Start The EU3000iS If The Battery Is Out?

In case the battery is out, you can remove the battery for recharging, replace the battery inside and then use the electric starter. If you cannot, you can restart the generator with its recoil start. To do this, follow the steps below;

  1. Switch off any appliance connected to the generator
  2. Have the fuel valve ON
  3. Close the choke knob if the engine is cold
  4. Engine switch should be ON
  5. Pull the starter grip until the engine starts
  6. Allow the engine to warm up before putting the choke to the OPEN position


Power is an important aspect of our lives today. From running basic household appliances to charging vital electronics, we need power on a day to day basis. When power outages are the norm or you are in a setting like the outdoors where you have no electricity, a generator becomes the next best source of power. This is why the Honda EU3000is is an excellent power source at home or in the wild.

While it is heavy to move around, and needs the additional installation of wheel kits to make it mobile, we think this is a problem that is easy to correct. It is fuel efficient and can power a wide range of appliances and devices.

With plenty of features, dynamic power outlets and a sturdy build, we recommend this generator as the best 3000-watt inverter generator available in the market.